1.0 Release timeline

Brian Goff

We are (for realzies now) finializing 1.0.
There is 1 open PR/issue in the milestone.

I would like to target Tuesday July 9th to cut a 1.0.0 tag. Once 1.0 is tagged we do not plan to make any breaking changes without bumping the major version.
if you have any change that you think may be breaking, please let me know ASAP.
I’ve also had a blog post I’ve been working on (or made and passed around a draft of and haven’t had a chance to revisit).
If you’d like to take a look at the blog before it’s publish shoot me a DM on Slack.
Currently this is on Medium, not sure if we have some other resource through CNCF.

All the providers now have their own repo under the virtual-kubelet org on GitHub, all with their own cmd/virtual-kubelet implementation for backwards compatibility. After going and extracting all these out I put together a CLI framework that could replace much of the implementations in these repos (all of which just have a copy of what was in cmd/virtual-kubelet in the virtual-kubelet repo): https://github.com/virtual-kubelet/node-cli/. There may be breaking changes on this in the future, but at least it can clean up some boiler plate. I really only expect people to use this for rapid prototyping.
If you do not have access to a provider repo and feel like you should please let us know. Maybe open an issue on the repo in question?

Note: Providers are now responsible for their own releases now that there is no shared binary with everything compiled in.