Welcome Vadim Bauer as new member of the Maintainer team

Orlin Vasilev

Hello Community,

Wanna share something great today: Vadim Bauer from https://container-registry.com/ is now part of the maintainers team. Vadim's passion and dedication to Harbor were the main drivers in his nomination!
Vadim is Software Engineer, SaaS Builder, Cloud Native, and DevOps advocate & practitioner. Founder of container-registry and partner at 56k.cloud. Thriving OSS Contributor, located in Switzerland! 

Vadim has contributed in:
 - Answer questions and helping users adopt Harbor in the Slack Community and on GitHub issues and discussion.
 - Translation of the german language

Helm Chart:
 - Improving Harbor Helm Chart PR (1073, 767)
 - Contributing to Harbor Core by providing PRs (14329, 14901,14905, 14906, 15210, 15211)
 - Verifying and reproducing issues reported by users
 - Improved the replications functionality with GitLab
 - Use of robot accounts for replication
 - Improved replication by providing different replication options.

Welcome once again Vadim!

Harbor Community Manager