Unable to login as any user on UI with fresh installation

Eric Van Steenbergen <vs....@...>


I installed Harbor (1.7.0) today on Kubernetes with external DB and Redis. Everything seems to run smooth but I can't login to the web interface. Docker login accepts the admin credentials but on the UI it just hangs. 
The only thing I see in the log is this:

2019-02-19T05:22:28Z [DEBUG] [security.go:233]: can not get user information from session
2019-02-19T05:22:28Z [DEBUG] [security.go:290]: user information is nil
2019-02-19T05:22:28Z [DEBUG] [security.go:304]: using local database project manager
2019-02-19T05:22:28Z [DEBUG] [security.go:306]: creating local database security context...

Have no clue on where to look to fix it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards, 

Eric V.