Not able to add LDAP Groups

Chethan S <chethanu...@...>

I was hoping to use the newly introduced LDAP groups functionality to quickly add users to Harbor but not having much luck with that. 

My Objective
In Harbor's Administration > Groups, I should be able to specify an email group like team...@... or just the teamname. Currently, this approach results in an error -  LDAP Group DN is not found: DN: teamname

My Configuration
  1. LDAP Group Base DN: DC=domainname,DC=com
  2. LDAP Group filter: objectclass=groupOfNames
  3. LDAP Group GID: uid (also tried cn)
  4. LDAP Group Scope: Subtree
  5. LDAP Group Admin DN: blank
Our IT department was not able to help in this regard as they felt Harbor has intricate requirements. Did anyone here get things to work?