Harbor v2.2 has GA'ed !! 🎉🎉🎉

Alex Xu

Hi everyone, 


We’re pleased to announce the general availability of Harbor v2.2.  Notable features include

  • Multi-projects scoped robots

  • Prometheus-driven telemetry

  • Proxy caching capability extended to GCR, Quay.io, ECR, & ACR

  • OIDC auth admin group support, achieving parity with LDAP auth

  • EMC ECS S3 storage support

  • Aqua CSP Enterprise Scanner Integration

  • Clair image scanner deprecated


Please see detailed release notes in release page

2020 was a big year for Harbor, chock full of highlights including 

  • reached Graduated Stage in CNCF in June 2020  

  • Project stats as of today: 14.1k Github stars, 143 releases, 14 maintainers across 5 companies, 3.6k forks

  • 1st OSS registry to fully support OCI specs

  • 18 OSS releases in 2020 

  • 1st registry to support ML on k8s artifacts such as Kubeflow data models

  • Proxy Cache capability producing significant savings by attenuating Dockerhub’s rate limiting

  • Harbor Operator delivering HA and superior Day 2 management capabilities

  • Commercial products based on Harbor - VMware Tanzu Network Registry, OVH Cloud Registry, SUSE CaaS Registry, Tencent Enterprise Registry, Rancher Registry, Container-Registry.com & more

  • Adopters running Harbor in production - JD.com, Tencent, Bytedance, Huawei, China Unicom, China Mobile, Intel, Dish Network, Salesforce, Agoda, TrendMicro & many more


Huge shoutout to the team & everyone in the community who helped the project realize its level of adoption today !!

If you’re a user of Harbor and want to share any feedback, we’d love to hear from you here


In 2021, the team will focus on

  • Hardening the Harbor Operator; great hook for any company offering Harbor *aaS

  • Harbor Lite for Edge : a lightweight registry serving workloads at edge nodes

  • Increasing our involvement in Notary v2 upstream for better image provenance capabilities 

  • Increasing out involvement in Docker Distribution upstream

  • Strengthening ecosystem partnerships

  • Integrations with image scanner vendors like Twistlock and Qualys

  • Improving performance and scalability

  • Deploy onto IPv6-based k8s clusters

  • Releasing an ARM64-based Harbor

Alex Xu

I linked the Contour release in the email instead by accident, my sincerest apologies for this oversight, everyone 

Here is the Harbor v2.2 release - https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/releases/tag/v2.2.0


Thanks for the update.

When can we expect the new helm chart release for harbor 2.2.0 ?