Harbor Operator v1.1.0 has GA'ed !! 🎉🎉🎉

Alex Xu

We’re pleased to announce that the Harbor Operator v1.0.0 is now GA !! This provides a more flexible and resilient way to deploy and manage a full Harbor service including both the Harbor service components and its relevant dependent services such as database, cache, and storage services.

    Provides high customization in deployment stack (identified by HarborCluster CR)
  1.         Minimal stack: provisions core components such as Harbor Core, Registry, Registry Controller, Job Service and Web Portal only
  2.         Standard stack: provisions optional components such Notary, Trivy, ChartMuseum and Metrics Exporter
  3.         Full stack: provisions related dependent services including the database (PostgreSQL), cache (Redis) and storage (MinIO)
    Supports configuring either external or in-cluster deployed dependent services
    Supports a variety of backend storage configurations
  1.         filesystem: A storage driver configured to use a directory tree in a Kubernetes volume.
  2.         s3: A driver storing objects in an Amazon S3 bucket.
  3.         swift: A driver storing objects in Openstack Swift.
    Supports updating the deployed Harbor cluster
    Allows configuring replicas of individual components
    Support in place upgrades
    Deletes all the linked resources when deleting the Harbor cluster
    Configures Harbor system settings with ConfigMap in a declarative way
    Support services exposed with ingress (validated Nginx, GCE, NSX NCP)