📣 📣 Harbor Operator 1.2.0 is released!📣 📣

Orlin Vasilev

Hello Harbor Community!!!

We are SUPER happy to announce that Harbor Operator 1.2.0 was just released!!!

To save you some time clicking around, here are the main lines.


  • support harbor v2.4.x
  • put registry and registryctl into one pod
  • support Azure backend storage driver
  • support Google Cloud backend storage driver
  • make the deployment of Portal optional
  • export ingress class name annotation
  • support k8s 1.23
  • bump up minio-operator v4.4.9
  • bump up redis-operator v1.1.1
  • bump up postgres-operator v1.6.3
  • bump up control-runtime v0.11.0
  • bump up client-go v0.23.0
  • refine s3 redirect spec
  • enhance support for strict k8s like openshift


6c53deb release v1.2.0
also refer v1.2.0-rc1, v1.2.0-rc2, v1.2.0-rc3

Docker images

Deployment manifests

known issues

  • #833 minio-operator upgrade fail, need to increase worker nodes or delete old statefulset
  • #829 change secret and configmap doesn't trigger owner reconcile
  • #825 Trivy scanner not removed after remove trivy component.
  • #743 apply failed after changing internal tls from false to true
  • #641 ncp ingress not accessable when internal tls enabled
Happy upgrading!
Harbor team!