Harbor 2.6 replication ACR failure


My ACR name: testdev
ACR URL: https://testdev.azurecr.io
ACR level: Premium

I used acr admin username and password and tested connection in registry successful, so no privilege lacking.
Then I created replication rule without any filtering condition and always failed.
he error message points to 401 error and unauthorized
However, if I add some filter condition to mirror certain docker image/helm chart , the replication task can perform succeed.

List tag API and call catalog api for Azure container registry seems all ok
1: The account in Harbor that used to mirror ACR has ACR pull privilege granted and test connection succeed.
2: The issue happens for a specific ACR with 570 repository and over 20000+ docker image/helm chart counted with tags.
3: The account in Harbor for replication task succeed with multiple other ACRS with smaller storage size or smaller tags size.