Harbor 2.0 is released!

Jonas Rosland

Harbor 2.0 is released! This release makes Harbor the first OCI-compliant open source registry capable of storing cloud-native artifacts like container images, @HelmPack charts, CNABs, @OpenPolicyAgent, @SingularityApp, and much more.
With Harbor 2.0, we have made Trivy from @AquaSecTeam the default image scanner, and with that taking container image scanning to higher levels of usability and performance than ever before.

Other notable features in Harbor 2.0 include: - The ability to set expiration dates on robot accounts - You can now configure SSL for core Harbor services - Webhooks can be individually triggered, and come with Slack integration - A new snazzy dark mode, try it out!

A huge thank you goes out to the entire Harbor community for bringing all these new features into this major release.
Read all about Harbor 2.0 in the announcement blog: