Harbor Office Hours info

Jonas Rosland

Hi everyone!

Today we sent out invites for the new Harbor Office Hours. These will take the place of the previous Americas community meetings, so feel free to delete those from your calendar if you haven't already.

The Harbor Office Hours is a place where you can ask questions like "how does Harbor work?", "how do I do this in Harbor?", and "how do I get started contributing to Harbor?”.

We had some great discussions at the Harbor Office Hours last week, and we are looking forward to more lively discussions and questions from you all.

The invites sent are currently for the 2nd Wednesday of every month, and starting in January we will expand them to also be on the 4th Wednesday of every month.

See you all at the office hours next week!


Jonas Rosland (he/him)
Head of Community Management
Modern Applications Platform @ VMware
Phone: +1 (925) 335 6627
Twitter: @jonasrosland