CNCF project Harbor community conference - V1.8 launching

Steven Zou <sz...@...>

Hello everyone,

 Welcome to join Harbor community conference call! In this meeting, we have a very important topic: introduce and discuss the features included in the new release V1.8 of Harbor project. As members of the Harbor community, your comments and suggestions are very important to the whole community. We hope you can reserve time to attend this significant meeting. Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting!


  • KubeCon Seattle sharing (10 minutes)
  • V1.8 release introduction (30 minutes)
  • Project harborctl updates (10 minutes)
  • Q&A (10 minutes)

Meeting time: 2018/12/26 05:00-06:00 AM(PDT)/21:00-22:00 (Beijing time)

Meeting link: