Re: CNCF project Harbor community call @2018/08/22

Steven Zou <sz...@...>

This community call was a great one. We had demos from a community user Sun Fei and Qian from Harbor team. More than 30 people attended and some community members asked questions.


Thanks Sun Fei and Qian for the great work!

Thanks all the attendees for joining this community call. See you next time!


The meeting is recorded and the recording is updated to the GitHub wiki page. Meanwhile, the meeting schedule has been updated on the wiki page too.  Please check here.





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From: sz...@...
When: 21:00 - 22:00 August 22, 2018
Subject: CNCF project Harbor community call



Hi all, 


  Welcome to join weekly community call of CNCF project Harbor. Here are the topics for this meeting: 


Harbor latest updates by Harbor team [5 min] 

Go CLI of Harbor introduction and demo: We’re so glad to invite community contributor @moooofly who is working on implementing a go CLI for Harbor to give us an introduction about the project [30 min]. 

Harbor V1.6.0 early preview (Part 1): Qian from Harbor team will give us a demo about the feature of helm chart repository supporting which will be released in V1.6.0 [20 min]. 

Q&A [5 min] 

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