Re: Amozon s3 for registry


You could refer this configure file



    accesskey: awsaccesskey

    secretkey: awssecretkey

    region: us-west-1

    regionendpoint: http://myobjects.local

    forcepathstyle: true

    accelerate: false

    bucket: bucketname

    encrypt: true

    keyid: mykeyid

    secure: true

    v4auth: true

    chunksize: 5242880

    multipartcopychunksize: 33554432

    multipartcopymaxconcurrency: 100

    multipartcopythresholdsize: 33554432

    rootdirectory: /s3/object/name/prefix

    usedualstack: false


The option in red text is mandatory


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Stone (张道军)

Software Engineer, CNA, VMware R&D





From: harbor-users@... <harbor-users@...> on behalf of Ignazio Cassano via <>
Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 10:42 PM
To: harbor-users@... <harbor-users@...>
Subject: [harbor-users] Amozon s3 for registry


I would like to use S3 for registry.

In values.yaml of harbor I wrote:


region: eu-central-1
          bucket: ignaharbor
          accesskey: myaccesskey
          secretkey: mysecret


Is this enough to work ?





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