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Steven Zou



  It seems you’re piushing the charts to the chart repository which powered by the Chartmuseum. So far, there is no settins to control the chart overwriting behavior at this part. And more info I’d like to share here is the Chartmuseum is planning to be deprecated in the near future and it does not make sense to introduce new feature to that part.


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Date: Thursday, April 29, 2021 at 16:38
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Subject: [harbor-users] Helm chart repository - overwrite existing chart


I've deployed goharbor in the kubernetes cluster.
I've created a project with a helm chart repository, and I've noticed, I can push the same helm chart many times.
Is there a setting to configure, if I can overwrite existing chart in the given project? 
It's OK for the test, but for the production, I'd like to block helm chart overwriting.

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Lukasz Lech

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