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Many open-source project use redis just as a cache.
What about harbor? why it use it?


>>Steven: harbor core and registry components are using Redis as cache.  Jobservice is using Redis as job queue that supports retry and failover restore functions.

I did already my homework on this one, and my last step is too look at harbor code itself... but I have a terrible experiences with beego

I want to be sure if redis data must be:

- persitent on redis statefulset upgrade

>>Steven: Y

- is that data important and must be backup? but as PostgreSQL is already there... I assume critical data that need integrity is stored there. I assume it might just be user sessions.

>>Steven: The underlying job framework is using Redis as queue and some cron spec of periodical jobs launched by jobservice are also stored in Redis

- is redis can be rebuild from PostgreSQL, just not efficient when redis start from a blank PVC.

>>Steven: So far, it cannot. We’re planning to provide a manager (like an inner client of jobservice) that may take some responsibilities to store the stateful data in DB to make sure some data can be rebuilt from DB.

Thanks a lot

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