Re: Admin password not working if using external database

Gaurav Negi

Dear Harbor users,
   Please ignore this email. 
I am good now. Issue was with the DB instance I created with AWS RDS.
After fixing it it works. 


On Tue, Jan 21, 2020 at 2:00 PM Gaurav Negi via Lists.Cncf.Io <> wrote:
Dear Harbor users,
   Apologies for spanning. But I think there is a bug in harbor. 
I am using harbor Version v1.9.4-49eb397c

1. I install a fresh new harbor on a new VM. 
I put external database in AWS RDS, with my harbor.yml file looks like this


2. When I brought up the harbor (using sudo ./
From UI, it is not accepting admin password.
Which I have put default "Harbor12345"
and I am seeing screen below.

3. But if I change it to local database.
and bring up harbor. It accepts admin password as "Harbor12345"

Can you please suggest? How can I use external database?
If using that, what will be the admin password?


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