Re: About using the _catalog endpoint

Steven Zou



  The _catalog API endpoint is supported but can be only triggered by the system admins.


  For the scanning in Harbor, we did not rely on the _catalog API, we use harbor project/repository APIs to get (all) the related artifacts and send them to scanner for scanning.




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Hello, and thanks for answering! 

Yes, it definitively fits the project. i am very interested in this project and following it for some week, and would be great to work with it.

However, one of the qualys scan configurations is the "Registry scan" that keeps control of all the images in the configured registry and scan they automatically with certain frequency. This one ive been trying to configure and works just fine with docker registry, but does no work with Harbor because of the _catalog endpoint that it uses to scan all the images. 

The suggestion of the connector is amazing and i sure vwill work with it. Still, i would like to know if Harbor has the endpoint and how can i use it. Thanks!

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