CNCF 12/3/2015 Meeting Notes By Chris Aniszczyk ·
TOC nomination / Gabriel Monroy (Deis) By Gabriel Monroy ·
TOC nomination / Alexis Richardson (Weaveworks) By alexis richardson ·
TOC Nomination By Kenneth Owens (kenowens) ·
Nomination of Doug Davis to TOC consideration By Todd Moore ·
ToC Nomination Bryan Cantrill/Joyent By Scott Hammond ·
TOC nomination By Chenxi Wang ·
Jonathan Boulle nomination By Alex Polvi ·
TOC Nomination By Kenneth Owens (kenowens) ·
Yaron Haviv - TOC Nomination By Yaron Haviv ·
TOC Nomination / Ying Xiong (Huawei) By Peixin Hou ·
Nomination for TOC - Fritz Ferstl, Univa By Rob Lalonde ·
TOC Nomination By Kenneth Owens (kenowens) ·
TOC nomination: Benjamin Hindman 3 messages By Aaron Bell ·
Nomination for TOC - Pavel Emelianov, Virtuozzo By John Lawler ·
Throwing my hat in the ring By Christopher LILJENSTOLPE ·
Nomination for ToC - Camille Fournier By Scott Hammond ·
Pini Reznik - TOC CNCF Nomination By Pini Reznik ·
Ken Robertson - CNCF TOC nomination By Neeraj Gupta ·