when is my app "cloud native"

alexis richardson

hi all,

there was a fun convo on slack yesterday, that I thought it might be of interest to the mailing list....

Abstract question: if one were to 'check' a source project for cloud-nativeness (in some automatable way) - where would they start?

good question!
various answers spring to mind.
can it be run on any cloud and virtual data center
does it support dynamic / elastic use
does it use containers and microservices and programmable infra
can deployment and management be automated at any scale
can it be upgraded and downgraded without losing availability
does the data share the application's fate or is it resilient

Cool. Yep, those are great 'checks'. Now thinking about what to look for in a source repo (say during a CI/CD process) that would indicate cloud-nativeness.  RE: containers - could just look for the presence of a Dockerfile (or similar) but, some of these things are outside the source/project - and might be more CM-oriented.

yes the app definition file...  like a .war for cloud native .. a .car file ;)

I wouldn't take much from having a Dockerfile

Of course, I was just using that as an example. I'm thinking it has to be passive - can't use some definition file that could just be 'whipped'. I think what I am coming to is that there isn't a way to just look at a source repo - that there's a bigger picture, likely organizational that is more indicative.