TOC revised schedule & f2f readout

alexis richardson

- no meeting this week
- moving to 2 meetings per month
- precis of f2f below

Hi all,

Thanks very much to those who came to the F2F last week at DockerCon.
The slides are here --

The most important readout from this meeting is that the CNCF is
providing budget to help the TOC achieve our goals around docs, tests
and example apps. This is not the same as the CNCF's marketing
budget. This is great news: budgets mean we can prioritise and
execute. The budget owner is Dan Kohn, ED. We shall be working
closely with Dan over the coming months, plus his team of Chris
Aniszczyk, COO, and other LF staff including Sarah Saul. We shall
spend the coming meetings clarifying these priorities and aligning. I
welcome Dan's help in this.

A second item is that as TOC members we can spend time engaging the
community and helping the CNCF projects. I know that time is
extremely precious to you, and must be used very carefully. Let's do
more here.

To spend time better, one thing we can do is change our meeting
cadence. We can do more via email and other means. We do not need
weekly calls. In the meeting it was proposed that we change our
meeting schedule to the 1st and 3rd week of every month. Please can
we try this -- I know it's not ideal for everyone. There will be
holidays and business travel to contend with.

The meeting schedule is now:
- no meeting this week
- meeting on July 6th
- meeting on July 20th
- etc.

If anyone has significant objections to this schedule, please say so.

I am away on July 6th and 13th, and will contact people to arrange for
someone to chair the meeting in my place.