TOC nomination: Sandeepan Banerjee

Michael Ferranti <michael.ferranti@...>

Hi all,

ClusterHQ would like to nominate Sandeepan Banerjee (sandeepan@...) to the CNCF TOC.

Sandeepan is SVP of engineering and operations at ClusterHQ, leading worldwide engineering and operations for Flocker, VolumeHub and dvol.  ClusterHQ is an early leader in data management for cloud native applications.

Prior to ClusterHQ, Sandeepan spent 10 years at Google working on various aspects of cloud infrastructure, including Storage, Search, Video processing and Google Fiber last-mile connectivity. A cloud-infrastructure generalist, Sandeepan has been the product owner of hyperscale services during his tenure at Google. Previously, Sandeepan spent a decade in Oracle's database Server Technologies group managing the core SQL, Text and XML products. 

I support Sandeepan's nomination due to his broad technical and product leadership on cloud backends at Google and now ClusterHQ. He has the breadth of experience spanning many different communities of usage over heterogeneous platforms to contribute to defining and maintaining the scope of technical vision at CNCF.