TOC nomination: Joe Beda

Alex Polvi <alex.polvi@...>

Joe is a 20 year industry veteran that has started, contributed to and driven a wide range of projects.  He is currently an Entrepreneur in Residence with Accel Partners looking to start something that will be directly related to the Cloud Native mission.

Over 10 year ago Joe made the jump from working on client systems at Microsoft (Internet Explorer and Windows Presentation Foundation) to Google in order to learn how to build internet scale systems on the server.  Over his more than 10 years at Google Joe has not only seen the internal evolution of cloud native systems at Google but has helped to shape and drive those systems forward.  This includes early work to connect Google to the telephone network (including helping to standardize call signaling over XMPP -- and building ad systems that leverage machine learning and large distributed serving systems.

About 5 years ago, Joe started the Google Compute Engine project inside of Google.  The vision for that product, from the start, was to be a bridge to bringing more "cloud native" tooling and architectures to a wide set of users outside of Google.  Providing a very familiar environment (VMs) was a product necessity.  These systems took full advantage of the underlying cloud native systems that Google provides internally (Borg, Colossus, Chubby, BigTable/Megastore/Spanner) and trail blazed new infrastructure systems for Google (virtualization, virtual networks, network block stores, API infrastructure and control planes).

Much of the work on Google Compute Engine was done as a way to lay the ground work for Kubernetes.  Along with Brendan Burns and Craig McLuckie (both still at Google) Joe started the Kubernetes project.  This included scoping and motivating the open source release, building the first versions and then building a community around the project.  Joe submitted the first commit for Kubernetes ( along with the first design document for the project (

Since leaving Google in early 2015, Joe has stayed active in the Kubernetes community.  He has provided consulting and advisory services to multiple companies that are involved in the CNCF including CoreOS, Samsung and Mesosphere.  As part of that work, Joe (along with Bob Wise from Samsung) started and drives the scaling SIG for Kubernetes.  While not just driving scalability for Kubernetes, this also helped to prove out the SIG model that is helping the project and community grow in a responsible way.

Currently Joe is an EIR at Accel and is looking at new opportunities.  He has been looking beyond Kubernetes and other components of what makes up the modern production stack and how to develop and operate applications in this world.  You can read some in depth thoughts at his blog ( and by watching his presentation from KubeCon (