TOC nomination / Darren Shepherd (Rancher Labs)

Darren Shepherd <darren@...>

I would like to nominate myself, Darren Shepherd, Chief Architect and Co-founder at Rancher Labs, to the CNCF Technical Oversight Committee (TOC).  Over the past decade I have been heavily involved in the development and deployment of cloud orchestration systems.  From the inception of Docker I have been a very active contributor to the Docker community under the GitHub handle @ibuildthecloud.  I am a member of the Docker Advisor Governance Board as one of the two slots dedicated to community members.  I've helped address over one hundred issues in the Docker engine and more across various Docker projects. I worked in conjunction with Red Hat to push along the Docker Labels PR which has greatly helps 3rd party system such as Kubernetes to work with Docker containers.  I am also the creator of libcompose which is the Docker official implementation of compose in Go.  And finally, I’m the creator of RancherOS which pushes the limits of containers in which the entire OS is ran as containers.

Over the last 6 months I've been working heavily on Kubernetes and hope to contribute more upstream soon.  At Rancher Labs we are working to integrate various storage and networking technologies into Kubernetes and are excited at the possibilities the architecture enables.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve on the TOC.  I’ve worked as an architect in the cloud space for a while extending back to my days of IaaS developing OpenStack, CloudStack, and various proprietary systems.  I feel I can contribute significantly to CNCF such that CNCF can produce core technical assets and allow pluggability to drive a healthy ecosystem.

Darren Shepherd