TOC Election update: Nominations opens December 7th

Amye Scavarda Perrin

Hi all,

Nominations will open next week, December 7th, for the Technical Oversight Committee seats for 2022.

One maintainer chosen seat, one end user seat and three GB seats are up for election in this next TOC election cycle.

Nominations: has the process for nominating a maintainer from a graduated or incubating project.

The End User Community will nominate from their community through a form sent to that group only.

The Governing Board has the same process as the End User Community, both forms are private to their groups.

Each individual person in those groups can nominate two people, but only one can be from their company. 

Qualifications: has the qualification criteria listed, but a nominee should be a senior engineer in the scope of the CNCF, have the available bandwidth to be invested in the TOC, and be able to operate neutrally in discussions regardless of company or project affiliation.

December 7: Nominations open – 12 PM PT
January 11: Nominations close - 12 PM PT
Jan 11: Qualification period opens
Jan 25: Qualification period closes
Jan 25: Election opens, Voting occurs by a time-limited Condorcet-IRV ranking in CIVS
Feb 1: Election closes at 12pm Pacific, results announced
Feb 4: New TOC is seated! 

Note: Initially, nominations were opening today, but we have an active GB maintainer seat process happening concurrently. That nomination process ends on December 7th, so the TOC nominations will open then. has been updated with the revised dates.

Happy to answer questions!
- amye  

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