[RFC] Discussing/modifying the kubernetes/kubernetes minor release cadence

Stephen Augustus

Forwarding this along to the TOC and SIG Contributor Strategy, as it has project implications for downstream consumers of Kubernetes.

-- Stephen

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Hey Kubernetes Community!

Following the extended 1.19 cycle, we've received several questions across a variety of platforms and DMs about whether the project is intending to only have three minor releases/year moving forward.

So let's discuss this together and see if it makes sense to make some changes going into the new year!

If you are in any way invested in how often we cut Kubernetes minor releases, please provide some feedback on the following issue: https://github.com/kubernetes/sig-release/issues/1290

I'm keeping this email intentionally light, because I'd like to capture responses on the issue, instead of this thread.

I'll note this in today's Community meeting and would request/encourage you to raise this topic in your respective governance groups, as this affects us all.

Looking forward to the discussion!

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