recap of WG meeting

Erin Boyd

Hi Folks,
Just wanted to touch base and reiterate our position in the TOC and see if there are any questions moving forward.

The current Environmental Sustainability WG will be disbanded and formalized into a TAG. 
Many of you may be asking 'why?' Let me attempt to address those concerns here:
1) Currently we don't have a governance or process structure that supports work groups unattached/affiliated with a TAG.  We have formalized our documentation to reflect this and recognize our negligence in the formation of the group months ago.
2) Ensure governance, processes, etc... are consistent with the CNCF way & provide an avenue for the TAG to engage with the TOC for support/media/talks/etc...

What is next?
The TOC is looking to work with the current community to submit a proposal for the TAG along with accepting nominations for 3 leadership co-chair positions. These will be voted on by the TOC. These positions have a 2-year term limit consistent with the other TAG co-chairs.

@Richard Hartmann and I are here to help and will be serving as your TOC sponsors!
We look forward to working with you. Please let us know how we can help.



Erin A. Boyd

Director of Emerging Technologies OCTO

Distinguished Engineer

Red Hat