[PROPOSED] CNCF TAG App Delivery new tech lead

Jennifer Strejevitch

Hello TOC!
The TAG App Delivery co-chairs and tech leads would like to propose Josh Gavant as a TAG Technical Lead. 
He has been a key contributor to the tag and leading the Cooperative Delivery Working Group. 

For those who haven't met Josh before, a brief introduction is below:
Josh has contributed to the cloud computing industry for some 15 years as a platform architect and thought leader at both vendor and end-user companies. He's driven development of standards like OpenAPI and OpenTelemetry as well as programs like Node.js and Go; and spent several years developing initial support for these in Azure's SDKs and cloud services such as App Insights, Functions and VS Code. Josh believes there's tremendous value to be gained through adoption of cloud-native architecture and today works closely with Kubernetes and cloud users to help them unlock this value.

Last year, he joined TAG App-Delivery and showed a tremendous interest in the topics covered in the cooperative delivery working group, which he is co-chairing now. He is a valuable contributor to TAG App Delivery. As a Tech Lead, he tries to increase the value of the TAGs projects by representing the needs of customers and users and, in turn, informing and enabling users about these projects and emerging trends.
The TAG chairs and tech leads are available for any questions. Thanks!
Best regards,

Jennifer Strejevitch

Josh Gavant

Thank you Jennifer and TAG leads! I'm passionate about enabling cloud users and channeling emerging innovations and requirements between users and open source projects. Looking forward to continuing to contribute to the TAG and CNCF! If you'd like to learn more about me and my experiences seeĀ https://blog.joshgav.com/about. Thanks in advance for your support!