Onsite Maintainers Circle in Valencia! Help us spread the word!

Paris Pittman <paris_pittman@...>


Please help us spread the word to all of your project lists and chat channels to promote the onsite Maintainers Circle session during Valencia KubeCon/CloudNativeCon! This is geared towards project Maintainers and those in named roles who make decisions for the project (committee members, OWNERs files, etc.). This will be our second in person session. 

This session is focusing on skills, tips/tricks, and the care you should put into yourself as a Reviewer. 
Mounds of pull requests are in your queue. How do you approach reviewing them? Reviewing can be challenging for a number of reasons: complex codebase, not the best tooling, the overwhelming number, and more. 
Experts Tim Hockin and Danielle Lancashire, two esteemed CNCF project maintainers, will be joining us. As always, this is an interactive session so come for the great talks but stay for the discussion in between.