Nomination of Doug Davis to TOC consideration

Todd Moore

CNCF members,

I would like to nominate Doug Davis (from IBM) for consideration for the TOC.

Doug has been working on open-source and software standards for over 15 years for IBM with his most recent focus being on Docker and other container related technologies. In Docker, Doug was IBM's first maintainer and leads IBM's open-source Docker development efforts. With the creation of OCI and CNCF, Doug now also leads IBM's development efforts in those spaces as well.  Looking at the broader Cloud space, Doug was in-charge of developing IBM's proposal for IaaS API standardization to the DMTF, and took a lead role in the DMTF's Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface standardization efforts by helping to coordinate the work efforts by being the lead editor on the specification - helping guide the discussions to quick resolution.  Beyond the DMTF's work, Doug has also worked on OpenStack and Cloud Foundry as part of the team to integrate and launch IBM's Bluemix Cloud environment. Leading the effort to stand-up and manage the Bluemix development pipeline, Doug has first-hand experience in managing a PaaS infrastructure.

 During his time with open-source and standards work, Doug has had the opportunity to work on all aspects of what it takes to make these efforts successful. While working on the development of the SOAP/WS-* specifications he, personally, implemented most of the specifications during their development to ensure what was being written in the specs would actually work in practice. These implementations would then be used for interop testing with other vendors as well as within IBM itself.  Often design decisions are not simply coding matters but need to take into account issues that are of broader concern. Issues such as: enterprise needs, end-user interactions, customer requirements and, of course, business needs all need to be considered.  And it goes beyond what IBM views as important for these - each participant of these open-source/standards projects have their own view as well. Doug understands this and was successful in collaborating with people from across the industry (vendors as well as customers/end-users) to ensure all voices were heard and taken into account.  So much so, that he founded and setup a new consortium of WS-* vendors and customers with the sole purpose of ensuring interoperability of the WS-* specifications.

All of this comes back to IBM's goal with the CNCF, we did not join the CNCF with the goal of trying to promote one particular (or our own) implementation over another. Rather, IBM is looking to harmonize the various implementations available today in the community. This is exactly the type of activity that Doug has been working on during his time in IBM's open-source and standards organization and will continue to do within the CNCF.

Todd M. Moore

Vice President IBM Open Technology

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Austin, TX , 78758.  (512) 286-7643 (tie-line 363)