Iterating the Sandbox process

Emily Fox

 In response the feedback, suggestions, and experiences in the sandbox process we've received, the TOC is exploring the following changes.  Over the next several weeks we will be establishing a new process, form, and tracking model to provide better granularity in feedback, increased transparency of the queue, and clear expectations for stakeholders of the sandbox process. For those interested in providing additional perspectives, please comment on the GitHub issue #884. Your feedback is essential to our continual improvement of not only the ecosystem and projects, but also of the processes that allow it to thrive - we thank you. Details regarding this upcoming iteration are reflected on the issue and provided here for your convenience. 
* We will be leveraging a dedicated sandbox repository
* The new repository will leverage a GitHub Issue Form to capture the existing content of the Google Form with additional clarity of questions and other factors to solicit improved awareness around the state of the project
* Clearly explain timeliness, expectations of the process, and other considerations
* Issues will be affixed with labels to relay their status (i.e. Approved, declined, need-info, assign-TAG, etc)
* Leverage a project board to transparently show the community what is in the backlog, where projects are at or queued, etc.
* Provide a GitHub query that shows in which order we will process the applications (and which ones we will prioritize before we take up things in that query)
* Provide instructions to TAGs for when a sandbox project is sent to them
clean up any confusion or inconsistencies with existing sandbox instructional material