Matt T. Proud

Hi all,

I am a new face for many, so allow me to take a moment to introduce myself:

With Julius Volz I am one of the co-founders of the Prometheus project.  The inspiration for the project was borne out of frustration with the inability to be easily data oriented in throughout the entire lifecycle of software development and deployment and management.  It is pleasing to see how well the public has recognized the applicability of time series databases for this purpose in just four years' time, and likewise how productivity and confidence are enhanced through democratized data oriented tooling.

I am also a software engineer at Google.  Reflections from my time at Google served as deep inspiration for answering the question of how one could be data driven and fulfill these simple software development needs.  I had started the project while I was away from Google for a few years and independent of other business entities.  [Full disclosure: I speak privately and not on Google's behalf unless otherwise noted.]  

The CNCF interests me on multiple levels.  Most notably: vision and technical alignment in the cloud space has the potential to yield tremendous benefits for its participants—I think we all recognize that.  :-)  I put the question to Alexis over a video chat this morning of how can I help and got useful suggestions, so I put the same question to you: how can I help the CNCF and you?  And do you have any other questions for me?

Looking forward to hearing from you—and pleased to meet you,