introducing - anand from minio

alexis richardson

Hi all,

There was some interest in talking with people who work on Minio.  I have copied Anand "AB" Periasamy, with whom I spoke on Tuesday.


On the TOC call yesterday, I introduced the idea of Minio creating a CNCF Proposal.  I want to give you some early feedback on this.  Please note that TOC calls are public and that this CNCF mailing list is public.

The first impression - as I mentioned when we spoke on Tuesday - is that Minio is a 'young' project.  As a TOC we are probably minded towards more mature projects at present.  One question that arose is - who is using Minio in production?  There was a feeling that this is especially a concern with distributed storage technology where maturity is hard won.  

Overall, cloud native storage is quite interesting.  We'd love to know: what new things Minio is doing that make it special, how it is designed, and so on.  Do you have anything you could share on that topic?