In person Maintainers Circle @ KubeCon Next Week!!

Paris Pittman <paris_pittman@...>

Hi all - 

Follow up from TAG Contributor Strategy update on the TOC call today - please help spread the word within your maintainer communities at CNCF!

When: Thursday, October 14 @ 130-330pm PT 

As maintainers, your leadership is expansive; it is critical right now, more than ever. How you show up guiding your group and supporting the individuals within it requires thoughtful attention. 
What does effective leadership look like when impossible-to-predict challenges arise, loss within your group occurs, collective human grief is undeniable, and burnout is ongoing. 
How do you manage healthy discussions during challenging times? What challenges get in the way of communicating and leading effectively? How do you guide a team when you, too, are dealing with a lot? 
The thoughtful attention required of effective leadership starts with first observing yourself, identifying your needs, and determining how you want to show up to support your team. Collaborative breakout sessions will follow key concepts for consideration and application to your work as a maintainer.

IMPORTANT: This is a session where you will sit with other maintainers and share stories and experience. It's interactive and not a lecture. 


Paris Pittman
One Apple Park Way
Cupertino, CA 95014, USA