Following up on SIG Observability / OpenTelemetry incubation concerns

Liz Rice

We held a private meeting today with representatives from SIG Observability, OpenTelemetry, OpenMetrics, TOC and CNCF staff to address the issues raised last week. Thank you so much for everyone's time today and for everyone’s constructive attitude.

We recognize that this is a sensitive situation and we're mindful that it has caused friction in the community. The TOC does not think that anyone showed bias, and believes that all the individuals involved were working with good intentions. There were some missteps in the process for incubation that made this more challenging, and a lack of clarity about what was expected from the SIG, which resulted in the SIG pursuing significant due diligence work and assessment without clear guidance from a TOC sponsor. We don’t need to assign blame for those missteps, we need to learn from them going forward.

Alena Prokharchyk will be taking the role of TOC Sponsor for both OpenTelemetry and OpenMetrics that have both applied for incubation, and she'll be leading the Due Diligence for both. Cornelia Davis has also stepped up to help Alena with this process. Alena and Cornelia will call on the SIGs and the project maintainers as needed for assistance putting together the due diligence, which will (when ready) be put out to public comment as usual. 

To avoid this situation happening again, we'll be discussing some changes to streamline the process for incubation and graduation: currently, projects go through a quick TOC Triage to determine what SIG should review for moving levels, and only after this SIG review is a TOC sponsor required. Moving forward, I'd like to propose that we change to requiring a TOC sponsor before moving onto SIG review (so after a project raises their incubation proposal in GitHub, the next step is TOC sponsorship). This change will allow for more guidance from the TOC and allow the SIGs to be better functional partners in our community.

Thanks all for your patience, and for your contributions to our community