Cortex Public Comment Period

Katie Gamanji


Cortex has applied to move to the suite of incubation projects:

I am the TOC sponsor for Cortex 
(further comments here), and after completing the DD, I am opening the public comment period

The public comment period is now open for 2 weeks, and all SIGs, end users, TOC members, and community members are welcome to comment by replying to this thread.

Katie Gamanji
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Richard Hartmann

With my SIG o11y chair hat on: I am 100% endorsing moving Cortex to incubation.

Vineeth Pothulapati

This is definitely a great project. I love working with cortex & excited about the future of cortex. :) 

+1 for Cortex incubation. 

Martin Schneppenheim

+1 from an end user. We run Cortex for more than a year in production and since then it solves some pain points - primarily scalability issues - which we had with Prometheus. A promotion to the incubation stage is well deserved.

Roger Steneteg

We have used Cortex in production for over two years
+1 for incubation

Kiran Mova

+1 for incubation. 

We at MayaData have been using Cortex in production for more than 2 years now. Cortex is one of the core components of MayaData's Kubera SaaS platform ( and also packaged into its on-premise version. Cortex is used within Kubera for aggregating the Storage (node, disks, pools, volumes) metrics from over 1000s of Kubernetes clusters - and setup Alerts and notifications for managing the storage for stateful workloads. We use Cortex with Cassandra as a backend on GKE. For on-premise installations, the Cassandra backend is deployed on OpenEBS. 

On Mon, Jul 20, 2020 at 11:48 PM Roger Steneteg <rsteneteg@...> wrote:
We have used Cortex in production for over two years
+1 for incubation