[cncf-ci-public] Proposal - A CI Workflow Platform for the CNCF

Chris Aniszczyk

This may be relevant to the wider TOC. If you're interested in CI, please get involved.

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Hello CNCF-CI people!


Please take a look at the following proposal – we welcome your feedback:




In summary, we are offering to build (initially) a proof-of-concept implementation of a CNCF-centric CI Workflow Platform to make it easy to compose and run cross-project continuous integration workflows composed out of re-usable and configurable building blocks (which incorporate other CI systems like Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis, Zuul, etc).  The workflow platform is based on ContainerOps, which is already open sourced, and which we are willing to donate to the CNCF (together with the additional work proposed here).


Let us know what you think…






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