Cartografos Working Group maturity model documentation committed to GitHub

Simon Forster

Dear All,


As you may be aware, the Cartografos Working Group commenced work on a Cloud Native Maturity Model. Our initial effort focused on preparing documentation on the four key areas of People, Process, Policy and Technology. We also produced a Prologue that introduces the model and outlines the five levels of Build, Operate, Scale, Improve, and Optimize.


We wish to inform you that we have committed the five documents to our repository on GitHub and we invite the community to submit issues and pull requests.


Our next step for the model is to add supplementary material to GitHub, and we expect to commence work with TAGs and Projects within the CNCF to ensure ongoing effective representation of projects within the model over time. We anticipate the model will evolve quickly, and we hope that it becomes a very useful tool for end users, as well as community members and contributors.


As well as working with the Business Value Subcommittee to produce the CNCF Landscape Guide, we are also collaborating with the CNCF on a surprise for KubeCon and CloudNativeCon NA in October.


We wish to thank the TOC for feedback we have received, it has been immensely useful, and we hope to work with you on an ongoing basis on this contribution to the cloud native community.




The Cartografos Working Group


Danielle Cook, Fairwinds

John Forman, Accenture

Robert Glenn, Accenture

Simon Forster, Stackegy