Call for Action: CloudNativeCon + KubeCon call for papers 8/21 deadline

Dan Kohn <dan@...>

Please reach out to colleagues and engineers in your company and push them to submit a talk for CloudNativeCon + KubeCon which will be in Austin from 12/6-8. The deadline is two weeks away: 8/21.

Submission is at but I'm including suggested topics below for inspiration.

2017 Suggested Presentation Topics:

Suggested KubeCon Topics:

  • Advanced scheduling use cases

  • Complicated networking at scale

  • Cool new tech and how it can be used with Kubernetes

  • Cutting-edge technical use cases

  • Deploying and using Kubernetes in production in the enterprise

  • Developer workflows using git push-to-service in production

  • Kubernetes + IoT

  • Load balancing

  • Managing persistence storage in Kubernetes

  • Orchestrating multi-host, multi-container, distributed applications

  • Running multi-site, hybrid, distributed applications

  • Unique use cases and how Kubernetes helped your team/company

  • Using Kubernetes to manage and secure your application infrastructure

  • Using Kubernetes with configuration management

  • Using Kubernetes with continuous integration, testing and continuous deployment

  • Using Kubernetes with software defined networking


Suggested CloudNativeCon Topics:

  • Cloud native technology in production

  • Containers: Use-cases, using containers in production, developing with containers

  • Developer workflows using containers and cloud native technology

  • Orchestration (e.g. Kubernetes, Mesos, Swarm, Nomad)

  • Stateful cloud native applications

  • Unique cloud native technology use cases

  • Microservices in production (e.g., gRPC)

  • Using cloud native technology to manage your infrastructure

  • Cloud native logging


Suggested Fluentd Topics:

  • Log aggregation patterns

  • Distributed logging in Production

  • Use cases of Fluentd or Fluent Bit

  • Best practices for better performance on logging

  • Fluentd internals and core development

  • Extending Fluentd or Fluent Bit

  • Log forwarding

  • Security


Suggested Prometheus Topics:

  • Integrating with Prometheus

  • Prometheus use case reports

  • Prometheus fundamentals and philosophy

  • Prometheus internals and core development

  • Using Prometheus


Suggested OpenTracing Topics:

  • Distributed tracing in production

  • Distributed tracing via OpenTracing and proxies like Envoy/linkerd

  • Going beyond single transactions: how to understand distributed traces in the aggregate

  • Tracer implementations (e.g., Zipkin, Appdash, Jaeger)

  • Tracing into web/mobile clients

  • Transparent tracing across user – container/kernel boundary (e.g., Sysdig)

  • Experiences / war stories with instrumentation of large existing codebases

  • Experiences with substantial OSS OpenTracing integrations (RPC frameworks, clients)


Suggested gRPC Topics:

  • Monitoring and Tracing of gRPC services

  • Large polyglot gRPC deployment experience

  • gRPC + IOT

  • REST and gRPC together with gateways

  • Use of streaming grpc apis

  • gRPC and load balancing: Experience with proxy based/client side lb and service discovery

  • Forward and Backward compatibility of APIs

Suggested Linkerd Topics:

  • Linkerd in production! Use cases, user stories, war stories

  • CNCF project glue! Linkerd + Prometheus, Linkerd + Kubernetes, Linkerd + Zipkin, Linkerd + Fluentd, Linkerd + gRPC

  • Linkerd for security! Cross-service TLS and cert management

  • Linkerd for integration! Bridge Kubernetes, Mesos, Amazon ECS, OpenStack, ZooKeeper, etc

  • Linkerd with Istio! Using Istio APIs to drive a Linkerd fleet

  • Linkerd everywhere: Ingress, egress, and intra-cluster traffic

  • Ultramodern system design: Linkerd, Kubernetes, and gRPC

  • Cloud smash: hybrid cloud, multi cloud, and failover-to-cloud with Linkerd


Suggested CoreDNS Topics:

  • Experience with production deployments of CoreDNS:

  • For Kubernetes service discovery

  • As a Kubernetes federation DNS provider

  • In non-Kubernetes environments

  • Use cases for CoreDNS in K8s and other Cloud Native environments

  • Discussions of use cases for specialized middleware

  • How to Build a CoreDNS Middleware

  • CoreDNS integration with Prometheus, OpenTracing, gRPC and other CNCF projects


Suggested Containerd Topics:

  • Using containerd directly to manage containers

  • How containerd is used in Docker

  • How containerd is used in Kubernetes via CRI

  • Building specialized container based systems with containerd, Moby and LinuxKit


Suggested rkt Topics:

  • pod-native patterns and production workloads reports

  • Kubernetes and rkt: rktnetes, CRI and other sig-node topics

  • rkt internals, architecture and design analysis

  • rkt beyond namespaces (KVM, Xen, etc.)

  • integrating rkt with external supervisors and orchestrators

  • Linux containers security aspects (seccomp, selinux, virtualization, etc.)


Reminder: This is a community conference — so let's try to avoid blatant product and/or vendor sales pitches.

Dan Kohn <mailto:dan@...>
Executive Director, Cloud Native Computing Foundation <>