An update on Google’s Governing Board seat

Aparna Sinha

Hello CNCF GB and TOC,

I am writing to share that Anne Bertucio will be the new CNCF Governing Board representative from Google. Anne has been my alternate on the GB for a while now and is a deeply thoughtful and active member of the community as well as an influential leader at Google. After ~6 years serving the CNCF, I am thrilled to be transitioning this important work to someone as experienced and committed as Anne.

As background, I began serving on the CNCF board as an alternate in 2016, back when KubeCon fit in a single, small hotel! It has been my honor to serve as a primary board member, including time as the CNCF Chairperson, over the last 6 years. It’s incredible to see what we have built in that time. A large, truly global ecosystem has grown under the stewardship of the CNCF. And as the recent KubeCon sponsorship numbers show, that growth isn’t over.

Many of you have met Anne Bertucio at board meetings (she's at Kubecon now), worked with her in open source communities, or know her in her capacity as the program development lead for Google’s OSPO. She is passionate about project and foundation sustainability and eager to work with you all. Thank you all for your past and continued board service; I will remain an active mentor to CNCF leadership and the OSS community.

-- Aparna Sinha
Senior Director, Google Cloud Platform