[cncf-gb] The CNCF Code of Conduct Working Group has launched!

Davanum Srinivas


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Members of the CNCF Community:


The CNCF Code of Conduct Working Group has launched! Thus, Step 2 of Upcoming Code of Conduct Updates at CNCF is now underway.  Feel free to start reviewing and contributing proposals in the CoC Working Group GitHub repository.  


Initial drafts of several deliverables have been contributed by the Interim CNCF Code of Conduct Committee for the Working Group to use as starting points.


Election of Approver/Co-Chair


We held an election for a community member Co-Chair/Approver seat.  Although Paris Pittman was the original election winner, Paris is on extended leave and unable to serve in this role.  Therefore, the runner up, Christoph Blecker, will serve as the elected Co-Chair/Approver, and Andres Vega will serve as an alternate Co-Chair/Approver.


Why did it take so long to launch?  


After we announced the initial structure, we received feedback from the community that caused us to go back to the drawing board and evaluate alternative structures.  After we decided upon and announced an updated structure, we issued a call for nominees, and then held an election for the community-elected Co-Chair/Approver.  Furthermore, it was difficult to schedule meetings of the Co-Chairs due to summer vacation schedules.  But now that we’re launched, the work can begin!


What’s next?


Due to KubeCon NA being around the corner, many community members are quite busy and intently focused on preparing for the conference.  Therefore, we are not going to try to schedule  a kickoff meeting prior to KubeCon.  However, we will host an in-person meeting at KubeCon to brainstorm and share ideas and feedback.  Details will be announced shortly.


After KubeCon, we will seek feedback and proposals from the Working Group on specific issues.  We may also schedule meetings to discuss specific topics on an as needed basis.  So stay tuned!  


However, there’s no need to wait.  Feel free to start contributing proposals and comment on the existing drafts in the github repository right away.




CNCF Code of Conduct Working Group Co-Chairs

Arun Gupta

Davanum “Dims” Srinivas

Christoph Blecker





Arun Gupta

Vice President and General Manager, Open Ecosystems



Davanum Srinivas :: https://twitter.com/dims