Public Comment Period Batch System Initiative Working Group (BSI WG) Through Sep 6th

Ricardo Aravena


The CNCF TAG-Runtime is sponsoring the formation and approval of the Batch System Initiative Working Group.  

In summary:

The CNCF Batch System Initiative Working Group is designed to discuss batch scheduling conversation at the end-user level.  We will focus on how the users and operators of today’s batch workloads currently interact with the many various cloud-native batch-related projects like Volcano, Armada, MCAD, Yunikorn, Slurm, HTCondor, etc..  Ideally, we hope to provide some rough guidance and information for the CNCF community on these higher-level batch scheduling approaches since the landscape is currently fairly opaque.

Crucial to point out: This CNCF Batch System Initiative Working Group is distinct but related to its sister group, the Kubernetes Batch Working Group. The CNCF working group focuses on higher-level projects while the Kubernetes Working Group focuses on lower-level, fundamental changes to Kubernetes that will make Kubernetes more capable of handling batch workloads.  The two groups are intent on working together so that the underlying Kubernetes improvements can align with the higher-level projects at the CNCF level.

The full proposed Charter can be found here:

Everyone is welcome to comment in reply to this thread, before a TOC vote. This period of public comment will last a minimum of two weeks. (Expected to close on Sep 6th)

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