[cncf-tag-security] RFC: Cloud Native Security Whitepaper v2 ends April 27

Chris Aniszczyk


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Subject: [cncf-tag-security] RFC: Cloud Native Security Whitepaper v2 ends April 27
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Hello Security Enthusiasts!

CNCF Security TAG is looking to embark on another cloud native security adventure!  After the ravishing success of Cloud Native Security Whitepaper v1 back in Nov 2020, we have now refreshed the paper ready to be published around KubeCon EU 2022 (fingers crossed). To make this possible and deliver quality content, We'd like some help. 

We want you!

This is where you (yes you!) come in.  We're looking for community members and colleagues to review version 2 of the paper: Google Doc: Open for comment, tracked under Tracking issue: 747, to provide the cloud native community with reference material that is peer reviewed and reflects the realities of cloud native security as of today. We hope you can join us on this significant contribution opportunity.

Public Request For Comment period ends on April 27 2022 (3 weeks from now)

Ready to dive in?  

Start adding comments or make inline suggestions on the google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fftLBt3XjDzyYQisEKH3TZXL1QnT_cHIbBnFtW98UOs/edit. 

To only review new content in version 2, search for "(new in v2)", without double quotes in the doc. There are about 10 sections that are newly updated.
Reminder: Please be excellent to each other when providing feedback!
Last but not the least, share it with your friends and colleagues regardless of their security or cloud native expertise. For any questions, that can not be discussed on the Google doc or Github issue, please reach out to us on tag-security-whitepaper channel in CNCF slack workspace.


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