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Subject: [cncf-tag-security] [RFC] Secure Software Factory Reference Arch. Doc
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Security Enthusiasts!Thanks to the work of our awesome STAG members - from our Secure Software Supply Chain Working Group, we have put together a Secure Software Factory Reference Architecture document that is ready for Request for Comment (RFC)!This publication is a follow-up to that paper, targeted at system architects, developers, operators, and engineers in the areas of software development, security and compliance. This reference architecture adopts the “Software Factory” model for designing a secure software supply chain.Ready to dive in?Comment on the document and join the Secure Software Supply Chain slack channel!LinksSecure Software Factory Reference Architecture Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15M_Mzfqy634E_sqoslmOXsZJl4TedpbXpBjOfz-hnXk/edit?usp=sharing
Secure Software Supply Chain slack: https://cloud-native.slack.com/archives/C01KL0B4LKC~ R. Racoon
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