TOC Election - List of Qualified Nominees

Amye Scavarda Perrin

The list of qualified nominees for this TOC election cycle is now available:

Karena Angell
Ricardo Aravena
Daniel Berg
Lee Calcote
Avi Cavale
Duffie Cooley
Justin Cormack
Matt Farina
Emily Fox
Asser Ghorab
Richard Hartmann
Khaled Henidak
Sergey Kanzhelev
Bob Killen
Sergiu Petean
Ricardo Rocha
Thomas Schuetz
Alolita Sharma
Andrés Vega
Kevin Wang
Jason Webb

Congratulations to our nominees! The Selecting Groups (Governing Board, Maintainers and End User Community) have now been sent ballots with the nominees from their groups.

December 7: Nominations open – 12 PM PT
January 11: Nominations close - 12 PM PT
Jan 11: Qualification period opens
Jan 25: Qualification period closes *we are here*
Jan 25: Election opens, Voting occurs by a time-limited Condorcet-IRV ranking in CIVS *we are also here*
Feb 1: Election closes at 12pm Pacific, results announced
Feb 4: New TOC is seated!

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