Sandbox Annual Reviews accepted November 23rd

Amye Scavarda Perrin

The TOC met today and approved the following sandbox annual reviews, with comments. Our next annual review session is scheduled for March 8, 2022. 

k3s: Improve upstream patches to Kubernetes, TOC is concerned about divergence from upstream. Sponsors: Liz Rice, Dave Zolotusky, Saad Ali.
Metal3-io: TOC recommends establishing a security policy. Sponsors: Saad Ali, Liz Rice, Dave Zolotusky.
Porter: Software distribution is a strong requirement (e.g. how to get a software product into enterprises). Maybe Porter could be clearer about this as a use case? For example, use Porter to package an app that can be distributed through an online cloud marketplace. Sponsors: Lei Zhang, Saad Ali, Liz Rice.
Backstage: TOC recommends increasing maintainer diversity. Sponsors: Saad Ali, Lei Zhang, Liz Rice.
Open Service Mesh: TOC recommends increasing maintainer diversity and adopters documentation. Sponsors: Liz Rice, Saad Ali, Lei Zhang.
Keylime: TOC recommends increasing adoption at scale, in production. Sponsors: Saad Ali, Lei Zhang, Liz Rice.
Tremor: TOC recommends creating a publicly available roadmap is an improvement and increased adoption, but great job for using all the CNCF resources available. Sponsors: Saad Ali, Lei Zhang, Liz Rice, Dave Zolotusky.
OpenYurt: TOC recommends updating publicly available roadmap. Sponsors: Liz Rice, Saad Ali, Dave Zolotusky.
Cloud Custodian: TOC recommends adopting a more robust, open and inclusive governance structure and correcting missing adopters list. Sponsors: Liz Rice, Saad Ali, Dave Zolotusky, Lei Zhang.

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