CNCF Community Awards Voting 2017

Ihor Dvoretskyi

Greetings all,

As it was announced last week (, CNCF is driving awards to respect the most active ambassadors and contributors to the CNCF projects.

Today starts the second part of the Community Awards process - based on the nominations, voting is open!

As a friendly reminder, in 2017 CNCF offers two community awards:
- Top Cloud Native Ambassador - an individual with the incredible community-oriented skills, focused on spreading the word and sharing the knowledge with the entire Cloud Native community or within a specific project.
- Top Cloud Native Committer - an individual with the incredible technical skills and notable technical achievements in one or multiple CNCF projects.

The voting forms for Awards are available:
- Top Cloud Native Ambassador Award at Please, note that only votes from CNCF TOC will be counted.
- Top Cloud Native Committer Award at Every person from the CNCF community may vote.

Please, note that the voting deadline is November 15 (23:59 PM Pacific Time).

Thank you!