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I would like to nominate Garrett Mueller, a senior technologist, with over 15 years of experience working for the likes of Dell, Intel and currently NetApp.  Garrett established his credibility and technical leadership experience in both Linux and Windows —  from enterprise software and storage expertise to high performance network protocols in the kernel.

Garrett, as a Technical Director at NetApp, currently leads NetApp’s container and cloud-native technology strategy .  His role plays out in three key ways for the organization:

  • He and his team work with industry partners to bring leadership to and evolve the ecosystem, through the architecture and development open-source storage integrations
  • Additionally, Garrett’s team is responsible for the design and implementation of the NetApp IT's own container services and platforms, helping NetApp developers enjoy the benefits of container technology hands on.
  • Also, he is responsible for improving and modernizing developer efficiency across NetApp.  In this pursuit, Garrett leads the adoption of ambitious DevOps oriented initiatives, including the migration of thousands of engineers to a single branch, continuous integration model for NetApp’s largest product, Data ONTAP. 
NetApp is excited about the promise of the CNCF and its mission to promote a micro-services oriented future, where applications can clearly define the infrastructure to meet their needs over the entire lifecycle. We believe that storage is one of the most nascent components of this budding ecosystem, where our expertise can help reduce the friction of managing and protecting data.  Our selection of Garrett Mueller is putting our best foot forward in our attempt to be good citizens in this emerging community.

Thank you for your consideration.

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(919) 476-5415

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