Ken Robertson - CNCF TOC nomination

Neeraj Gupta <neeraj@...>

I would like to nominate Ken Robertson to serve on the CNCF TOC.  Ken is Lead Architect at Apcera ( and has been leading the design and development of Apcera Platform since the company was founded three and half years ago.  Ken is passionate about and has been leading the effort around micro services, containers, orchestration, scheduler, security, multi cloud providers, diverse work loads among other things that align closely with the CNCF charter.  

Ken has been working on multiple container runtime implementations and introduced our user namespace handling in early 2014.  Ken is currently spearheading Apcera open source Kurma project, which is a small footprint compute node and container implementation.  Kurma is based on App Container Specification (AppC) as its standard.  He is a contributing maintainer of the AppC project along with CoreOS, Google and RedHat.  Kurma is one of the more mature AppC runtime implementation available publicly today.

Ken has also been leading several projects for outreach and adoption around container compatibility.  He is leading a project to add support for Kurma to Kubernetes's kubelet and is intimately familiar with Kubernetes's mission, architecture and design principles.  Ken is a frequent speaker at public events and panels, including KubeCon, ICEE3, CoreOS Fest, Mobile World Congress among others, around containers, orchestration, scheduler and security. 

Prior to Apcera, Ken was a key contributor to the early Cloud Foundry open source project and community.  He bootstrapped a small startup using Cloud Foundry V1, including leading a project to document all of Cloud Foundry internal APIs.

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