TOC Nomination / Ying Xiong (Huawei)

Peixin Hou

Dear CNCF members,


I would like to nominate Dr. Ying Xiong (from Huawei) to participate the TOC election.


Ying is the Chief Architect of Cloud Platform at Huawei, where he has been leading the architecture, design and development of Huawei PaaS platform that supports cloud native distributed system and micro services. He is guiding Huawei’s open source development in container related projects such as Docker, Kubernetes, OCI, Cloud Foundry, Mesos and Cloudify, and made the company a vital contributor in the communities. Ying has been working on software industry over 20+ years, he is a very hands-on technology leader and has been instrumental in building the cloud platform architecture that not only integrates various open source technologies, but also significantly improves the technologies in terms of reliability, scalability and performance to meet customer requirements. In addition to delivering PaaS, Ying is responsible for driving strategy and technology innovation for hyper-scale, heterogeneous and cross-DC cloud-native infrastructure, where he is currently driving projects such as large scale container cluster management, advanced container networking, container Devops and next generation micro service architecture. He believes these technologies will not only benefit Huawei’s telco and enterprise customers, but also the open source communities.


Ying has extensive experience in cloud computing. Prior to Huawei, he worked at Microsoft over 8 years and was a principal architect in Azure core team since 2009, where he led designing and developing a few core components (resource scheduling, app deployment, monitoring and auto scaling) of Azure, one of largest public cloud platforms in the world, and deploying and monitoring hundreds and thousands of applications per day. He received Architecture Metal Award and Gold Excellence Award during his stay at Microsoft.


Last but not least, I think Ying has another advantage. China is a vivid battle field for cloud native infrastructure, it is not only due to the massive customer base, but also due to the pace that new technologies and number of developers are emerging there. I believe Ying’s connections with these technical circles along with his culture background would make him play an ideal role to align the technical direction in CNCF.


So in summary, with his deep experience in cloud computing and immersed interest in building next generation cloud native open source technologies, and interoperability, I believe Ying would bring an invaluable perspective and experience to the CNCF technical committee. He sees CNCF as a home for building next generation interoperable cloud computing platform that can drive mass adoption with public cloud reliability and scalability.


Ying attends and speaks in industry and open source conferences. He promotes platform openness through blogs, quotes and interviews. Here are a few recent examples about his talks, quotes and interviews.


You can reach him at Ying.Xiong1@....


Peixin Hou

Huawei Technology