TOC nomination / Gabriel Monroy (Deis)

Gabriel Monroy <gabe@...>

CNCF Community,

As an individual who cares deeply about vendor-neutral interoperability and composable systems design, I'd like to throw my name into the ring for TOC nomination.

From its inception in 2013, the Deis PaaS effort (for which I am BDFL) has focused on integrating cloud-native technologies from a variety of vendors including Docker, CoreOS, Google, Mesosphere, and others. As one of the first integration-focused development efforts in this space, I have witnessed vast amounts of technology overlap due to unclear separation of concerns in our technical domain.

Since 2014, I have advocated for industry-wide collaboration[1] to achieve this separation of concerns—which I view as critical to decreasing market confusion and advancing the goals of the CNCF.  I believe I have the right background, experience, and motivations to sit on the Technical Committee.

Some highlights:

* I was the largest external contributor to Docker during its formative months and possess deep understanding of containers as applied to enterprise IT
* I helped shape operational best practices for production deployments of container-centric technology like CoreOS and etcd via Deis
* I guide a team of 40+ support engineers actively providing operational support to early adopters of containers, distributed systems, and microservices.
* I am one of the co-creators of Helm, a decentralized and federated approach to composite application modeling in Kubernetes.

With the right technical and organizational leadership, I am confident the CNCF can succeed in its mission. I would be thrilled to join that effort as a member of the technical committee.


Gabriel Monroy
CTO, Deis